Indoor plants and succulents for Christmas gifts

We love plants. And for Flo that's how it started when his grandmother gave him a cutting and he was able to watch it grow and thrive. He continued to build his love for plants at a young age which led to studies in horticulture. Then came the love for flowers and creating amazing arrangements...but back to the plants as its a great season to gift plants & succulents for a friend or yourself!

At the Fleur de Flo shop we have a great range of indoor and outdoor plants very suitable for city living. Plants for your kitchen or bathroom, plants for your bedroom or living spaces and plants for balconies and yards.

Gift plants & succulents for a friend or yourself
Pineapple plant for indoors Sydney

According to science and explained well in this article by Forbes plants:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Spruce up the air quality
  • Act as natural humidifier
  • Enhance cognitive skills
  • Facilitate healing

So if it's for your own space at home a few plants in your living areas can really make the space feel more homely and scientifically make you feel better. Or for your office just an indoor succulent on your desk can make a difference to your workspace. If you’d like a low maintenance solution to green up your workplace and make your staff happier talk to Flo who can assess the lighting and other aspects and create a plant plan to suit your business.

Gift plants & succulents for a friend or yourself!

Plants are the gift that keeps on giving and can be a reminder of you, during that special event, for years to come. We have a wide range of great plants for gifts at our shop in Redfern and you can also shop online and have the living, breathing plant delivered on the date you select so it’s right on time to mark the occasion with a surprise.

Gift plants & succulents for a friend or yourself
Terrarium in cool glass on amazing wood

With the tiniest investment of time, mostly you can just water once a week which is a perfect way to have a small work break in between house or office jobs, your plants will thrive. The ROI is intangible but considerable and the plants will be of benefit not just to you the career, but to all those in the space.

Unlike flowers, plants can sometimes live for 1000’s of years. We can provide you with care instructions to make them thrive in your space. And you can always check in with Flo if you have any questions.

So go on, get into pottering around, it’s good for the mind, body and soul. It’s something easy to learn and soon you will have turned a space from static to passively active and you will be pleased with your new found green thumb!

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