About Fleur de Flo

Florian Pigeon was destined to be a florist. Flo, as he is knows in Australia, is the founder of Fleur de Flo and has always been utterly fascinated by flowers, plants and nature. From very young Florian was always interested in taking cuttings, growing plants and the beauty of flowers. As he grew up his love for cultivating plants helped focus on a career in the industry.

This led him to study floristry and horticulture in 2004 at Ecole de Fleuriste in Paris for 5 years. During this time he worked in the industry which clearly developed the range of skills needed to attain mastery in his chosen field.

For the next 3 years he worked at one of the most prestigious florists in Paris Atelier Verchere which had a heavy focus on events and hotel arrangements and Flo continued to hone the skills needed for him to excel in the industry creating amazing arrangements for five star hotels, events and weddings.

Arriving in Sydney Australia in 2010 he discovered Australian native flowers. He settled in nicely at Buds and Bowers Surry Hills and was an important part of this business which helped him continue his creative journey. Developing a rustic style he combined this with classical French training and blended native Australian flowers with classic forms to create a totally new form of artistically creative flower arrangements.

Florian had achieved mastery so was ready to launch Fleur de Flo in 2016.

Now with many years of experience Florians vast skill set, deep understanding of plants and flowers, fantastic customer service and strong communication with customers and clients helps him create amazing bouquets, arrangements and installations that are remarkable and unparalleled here in Sydney.

Be it a 1 off bouquet that he creates on the spot for you from his floristry boutique in Alexandria, a weekly floral arrangement for your workplace or hotel, or an array of table decorations, hanging installations, and a bridal bouquet for weddings you know that it will be spectacular and remarkable if it comes from the mind of Fleur de Flo.

Florian Pigeon is a talented florist who is keen to share his passion for floristry and design with prospective and current clients. Flo looks forward to creating a small posy for you in-store or working with you to develop floral arrangements to suit your space for regular flower arrangements delivered to your workplace or creating amazing installations for your event or wedding.

Come and say hello to Fleur de Flo!

I am so happy and pleased that I actually chose him for my flowers arrangement for my niece engagement party. All his flowers are very professionally arranged and handmade with love. Excellent communication; very fresh flowers which last for long. I highly recommend him for any flowers arrangement of your beautiful occasion and yes I will be back for more..

Bronchon Purba

My husband bought me some flowers for valentines day from this shop on his walk home from Redfern station one day. They were SO beautiful and unique. We have ordered many more (each time we choose a different selection from their online shop – can’t go in person anymore due to restrictions) and each are absolutely stunning and have great use of unusual + well known flowers. The roses smell divine. 10 out of 10. Can’t wait to order the next one

Melanie Doe

Florian is an extremely gifted and talented florist! His shop is very sweet and cute on the corner not far from Redfern station. I have guests who loved his creations and the flower choices are wonderful. I suggest popping by his shop, and allowing time with him to understand your brief and he’ll leave you pleasantly surprised!

Christie Mak