Local Seasonal Winter Orchid Flowers & Houseplants at Waterloo Florist

Seasonal winter orchid flowers and houseplants are now available at our boutique florist which also stocks a great range of plants that thrive indoors, on balconies and in small yards.

Our winter orchids are locally sourced from Gaston, North West of Greater Sydney in the Hornsby district. They have a minimum of transport miles and come from a sustainable local supplier.

Cymbidium Orchids originated in this part of the world, Asia and Australia, and have been cultivated and crossed to grow in a range of conditions and a multitude of fantastic colours and patterns. Potted orchids flower every year as the cooler months approach so grab one for your place. And our cut seasonal winter orchid flower bouquets are a fantastic gift or addition to a workplace or home welcome display.

orchid from redfern flower shop
Potted orchids

Our cymbidium orchids are nursery grown especially for the Sydney climate. Described by the Orchid Society of NSW as “the easiest orchid plants to grow in the Sydney area” you will be pleased with your ongoing flowering plant that will thrive especially if you follow a few of their care instructions and tips found here.

Seasonal Winter Orchid Flowers - Cut

Our cut seasonal winter orchid flowers make amazing bouquets for gifts and displays. They come in a range of sizes from 3 stems at $95 to a large mixed bouquet for $250. Click here to order yours now or pop in store to chat to Flo about your colour preference.

Cut orchids are quite long lasting, a minimum of 2 weeks up to 4 weeks.

Potted Orchids

Seasonal winter orchids are also fantastic in pots and they flower every year! We have various size established plants that will look great for months this year, and with a little care, will last for years and years flowering as the cooler months approach.

Pricing as follows so head to our online shop and make your order and we’ll deliver. Or come in store to pick the right orchid for your spot. Click here to order online now.

  • 2 stems - $105
  • 3 stems - $135
  • 4 stems - $165
  • Add a rustic or contemporary pot for $45

When flowering: Autumn and winter orchids are happy inside in a signature spot on a welcome table or similar.

When not flowering: Spring to autumn orchids like a semi shaded, semi sun spot in a garden, terrace or balcony...don't forget to water them about once a week!

Delivery available

As always delivery is available for all our products including our seasonal winter orchid flowers and houseplants. Delivery fees are calculated at the time of purchase so just head to our online shop, add your details and a special message if you like, and we’ll deliver your purchase right to your door and even to your desk!

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