Medium potted plants at boutique indoor plant shop, Redfern | Great for nooks, corners and built in ledges in foyers and offices | Available now!

Every office space should have at least a few plants. We understand that with so many things to manage in an office space the greenery can often get forgotten. But with science backed evidence supporting the role of plants to calm and give life to a work environment we should all work towards greening our spaces. Our medium potted plants now available in our Redfern boutique indoor plant and flower shop are great for a range of indoor spaces and decor styles.

small indoor plants from Fleur de Flo RedfernFlorian Pigeon, the head florist at Fleur de Flo, has a degree in horticulture and has trained in Paris and worked for 10 years in Sydney. His experience with plants to suit the urban environment in and around Sydney but especially int the Eastern Suburbs can help guide the plant design for your urban environment.

Medium potted plants

The Ficus Audrey or Phidoleaf tree is a medium leaf plant that is very happy potted and likes brighter areas near windows. Cool aircon environments are fine but they are also happy in open air buildings.

Cymbidium Orchid is a winter orchid native to NSW. When in flower its good indoors and then can be left outdoors in a low sunlight, semi shaded area.

Ruby Necklace is a works well as a cascading succulent. Works well dropped from a top shelf or hooked to a beam or ceiling. As a succulent it is very low water and will be happy with a soak once a month.

Get your medium potted plants from our Redfern boutique or order online.

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