Mothers Day 2021 | Flowers in Alexandria, Sydney, near Redfern station

This year Mothers Day already feels different to last year. We sold out of flowers by Saturday lunchtime! Our house plants and succulents stepped in to fill the gap so by Sunday afternoon our Alexandria flower and indoor plant shop was looking pretty empty. But we had made many mums and their sons happy with and look forward to Mothers Day 2021 where you can get flowers in Alexandria or we delivery to greater Sydney.

So the lesson here is to plan ahead! With our online booking system it’s easy to book a fantastic bunch of flowers or a house plant, add a hamper or a bottle of champagne, and book the delivery in today!

Mixed Tulips from Victoria are in season
Mixed Tulips from Victoria are in season. Click here to book your order.

Now ramping up to Mothers Day 2021 we have put together some fantastic gift packs for your mum. Hampers range from fancy foods to wellbeing boxes or a bottle of French champagne! With something for everyone we are sure you will find the perfect gift for your mum this Mothers Day.

Mothers Day 2021 Flowers in Alexandria Sydney

Tantalising Tulips... because this year we will be featuring some amazing seasonal Australian tulips from Victoria. There is a wide range of colours and a mixed bunch with luscious greens makes a perfect bouquet. For Mothers Day Flowers in Alexandria Sydney, click here to book your order today.

hamper or gift pack from Fleur de Flo
Select your hamper or gift pack

Hampers and present packs

We have a range of present packs ready to go. From fancy foods to wellbeing boxes or a bottle of French champagne to beer and snack packs. Book your single hamper or compliment the hamper with a bunch of flowers now.

House Plants

Begonias are part of our trendy indoor plant range. And they work really well as a mothers day gift as the gift that keeps on giving. So book a begonia today or pick one of our other very interesting plants as a gift for your mum for Mothers Day 2021.

begonia house plant from Fleur de Flo
Pick a plant for Mothers day. Begonias in stock now.

For Mothers Day 2021 Flowers in Alexandria Sydney all of these lovely gifts can be purchased ahead of the date so you are assured to get exactly what you want. Because heading to our online shop picking your gift, then adding a personal message if you like, pick the delivery date and adding the address, then pay by credit card and just like that your organised for Mothers Day. So book today ahead of time then you can enjoy your week and Saturday knowing that mum will be happy come Sunday 9th of May 2021.

Special Mothers Day Openings times

  • Thursday 6th May normal times 9am - 4pm
  • Friday 7th May 7am - 7pm
  • Saturday 8th May 7am - 7pm
  • We are open on Sunday from 7am - 2pm or until sold out!

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