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A small plant is a fantastic and easy gift for a colleague or close friend. It could be to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or Christmas or to congratulate for long service, a new client or bumper sales period. Our small plants thrive in climate control aircon spaces and are happy with some good natural light and artificial light and no direct sunlight. Our small indoor plants for desks, windows and shelves are perfect for desktops, as a decorative element to open file, book or storage shelves and many other places.

biophilic design

Biophilic Design principles are being used more frequently. There is science based information that shows how plants in a space can increase the relaxing vibes of a space and in turn help with communication, workflow and productivity. Even just a small indoor plant for your work desk can bring a sense of peace to your work zone.

Some of our small indoor plants

Peperionia is a small cover tropical plant. It won’t grow too big loves and air conditioned environments. It's very happy with low light and low water conditions. Just pop it on the desk and water it about once every 2 weeks and she’ll love you. If you miss the watering a few weeks in a row just soak your Peperionia in a sink or bucket for an hour to bring her back to life.

Philodendrons are a classic indoor plant that thrive in most indoor spaces from low light areas to window sills. We currently have Black Congo and Birkin Philodendrons in stock.

Fittonia is a micro cover plant, very slow growing and suits most indoors paces. The lovely colours and patterns on their leaves blend whites, pinks and reds with the dark green framing leaf.

Our small indoor plants for desks, windows, shelves or work nooks are available to purchase separately or add a pot from our niche range of rustic concrete and ceramic or contemporary range.

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