Welcome to the Gazette de Flo!

We are excited to launch the Gazette de Flo a new part of our business. Our gazette posts will help you with a range of information you need about flowers in Sydney. From whats available seasonally in Sydney Australia to great ideas for Christmas or Valentines gifts to interesting information about native plants and blooms, terrariums, dried flowers and more...

We will post about our current stock of plants, succulents, terrariums, dried flowers and keep you up to date (when we can) about latest stock, special events and other news.

Florian Pigeon creator of Fleur de Flo

We looked forward to linking you to these posts via social channels and by email. So keep an eye out for the link backs to the main articles so you can build your knowledge of all things flowers and plants from a French perspective with a focus on rustic and native flora.

Go ahead and click around the website and connect about your order for beautiful flowers and plants delivered around Sydney or pick up from our Redfern store.

"Florian is a masculine given name borrowed from the ancient Roman name Florianus. The name is derived from Florus,<1> from Latin flōrus, flowering."


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